Monday, 1 December 2014

Knock, knock ......

Who's there?
Advent who?
 ADVENT DOORS are here again of course!

This one looks in-tree-ging.
Charlie - get the chainsaw and we'll cut our way in through
all these branches.  Do you think they ran out
of varnish when they got to the last little bottom panel?
Looks like it to me.

Chocolates.  Not bad for starters although someone seems
to have been here before us - look, all the corner ones have
already gone.  Bet they were the strawberry creams too.
  What do you think Jennifer or is your mouth still a little full?
No run up to Christmas would be complete without
a spot of blatant Long Dog advertising so, brace
yourselves, here comes today's heavy sell.
We'll kick off with some Angels from the Realms of Glory and
you're more than welcome to sign along to get in the festive mood.
And to purchase the pdf download of Angel Pavement
at the measley sum of 14 euros just follow this link:
But remember, a Long Dog is not just for Christmas,
it's a way of life!



  1. Sorry but I beat Jennifer to the chocolates. Please excuse the untidy bottoms of the chocolates, I wanted to make sure I got something I liked. :-)

    1. I should have guessed. Jennifer would have covered up her naughtiness much better than that.

  2. I should have guessed. Jennifer would have hidden her naughtiness much better than that.