Saturday, 20 December 2014

Door Twenty

Not much longer to go now thank goodness.
I can't maintain this level of excitement indefinately,
at my age it's not wise.
Well this all looks rather jolly, if a little bit fake.
Looks like one should have a little lady painted on it
and the other a little man.  Think I'll go for the one on
the left and hope for the best.
And what an excellent choice that turned out to be
although I can't help feeling poor old Sean is
looking a little bit the worst for wear in this photo.
Must be all the little tots of whisky he has to drink
as he goes around delivering the pressies.
He won't volunteer again, it's harder than it looks,
as the actress said to the bishop (or should that be
actor in Sean's case?)
Spirit of Vierlande (19 euros) is not for the fainthearted.
It takes a stitcher of courage and determination to tackle this
dangerous beauty.  Look the person stitching this one
lost the will to live halfway up the north face.
The mood can become so very changeable at that altitude.
You could always try it on and ask for it in
instalments to avoid putting too much strain on your
bank balance and indeed your sewing wrist.


  1. How I dearly love this sampler, Jules. Will have to ask Santa...

  2. It is a beauty! You will not regret the request. I have it in my stash, but I really need to do "Do Different" first!