Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Door Three

Predictable isn't it but I sometimes feel that there's
a lot of comfort to be had in this changing world
from a little bit of predictability every now and then.
(Well at least for the next couple of weeks or so).
However, I bet the people who live there didn't expect
that but a girl can't be too careful when approaching
an unknown Advent Door in broad daylight.
Never hurts to take some chums along just in case.
Ooof! Not as dangerous as previously feared and,
come to think of it, probably more a job for the fire
brigade than the heavy mob.  Dig in everyone
but mind you don't singe your moustache - I already have.
It's the ever popular, award winning Mouline Rouge.
A snip at 19 euros.
Hurry while stocks last
(as if they could run out - they're pdf's).

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