Thursday, 11 December 2014

Legs Eleven

Sorry - I lapsed off into Bingo speak for a moment.
I really must concentrate.
Well that's a ginger bread house with knobs on if ever I saw one.
I wonder what they've got tucked away behind the double doors.
Not a couple of imprisoned childred I hope, as in the story,
as we don't want to get bogged down with child protection agencies
at this stage of our advent romp.
It's good old Mikey doing his Ebeneezer Scrooge bit.
I don't normally take sweeties from strangers but in this
case I'd be prepared to make an exception for one of his humbugs.
- it's today's advertising feature.
Jardin de Plaisir - 9 euros.
You should know the drill by now, give me a shout at:
to order a copy.
Guaranteed to arrive before Christmas 2015.
No, Alice dear, that wasn't an error, it was meant to be a joke. 

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