Sunday, 14 December 2014

Door Fourteen

Aren't they cute athough I do think their keeper might
have scrubbed them up a bit before he took the photo.
They've been trying to get through those doors for ages
because once they got a whiff of what lay behind
nothing would budge them.
If there's one thing guaranteed to drive a panda wild it's
a glass of bubbly.  Unfortunately they can't hold their drink
and tend to fall over in the middle of the road.
The "panda crossing" was named after their drunken antics.
Not many people know that - not even Michael Caine
('cos I just made it up)!
Today, for one day only, I can let you have a pdf of The Token
at the normal price of 9 Euros.
Hurry, offer closes at midnight GMT.

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