Les chiens

Mouche when still a sapling (0-9 months = tyke, 9-18 months = sapling, then adult).  Being a lurcher Mouche doesn't have a pedigree as such.  Her father was virtually all greyhound and her mother was a greyhoundxdeerhound and very beautiful too.  I'll try to find a photo of her for you to see.

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Geordie (Good God du Triple Bois) as a real sneaky tyke.  If you'd like to see the rest of his family why don't you visit his breeder's site at http://dutriplebois.pagesperso-orange.fr/ it's well worth a look.

Winter snarlies 2011 - these wee gits play hard!

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  1. Love your 'long dogs' - we also have 'long dogs' but of the shorter leg variety - Dachshunds - both are Rescue dogs in Portugal, as are our other 2 - Heinz 57 varieties.