Friday, 14 April 2017


For this latest design from the fabulously wondrous Long Dog Samplers
you will need to hitch up your dog sleds and hold on tight because we're
heading north to the icy wastelands of northern Canada, 
Greenland and Alaska.

We're going to visit the Inuit people and get a taste of their traditional
designs and artwork.  This little dude looks pleased to see us.

Although I'm not so sure about this guy.  Looks like
he may be having a bad feather day or is severely hungover.
That northern moonshine is strong stuff!

Here's one I made earlier.

INtUITion measures 183 x 328 stitches, costs fourteen
seal skins or £16.20 and is available as a pdf download
direct from me if you ask very nicely and send your email to:

Otherwise visit your LNS if it's a paper copy you're after
or go online to one of the many excellent suppliers you'll find there.

Now you'll have to excuse me, I'm off to feed the goose.