Sunday, 21 December 2014

Door Twenty-One - entrance to the Winter Solstice!

Well he looks pleased to see us, although he looks to me
as if he might be feeling guilty about something.
I wonder what it could be?

He's such a trusting soul and so excited about
Christmas.  He said he let some men in a little
while ago who came in a big white van
and is now beginning to think he should have asked
for some sort of identification.
I think he may have been right.
Where are the pressies, what's happened to all
the furniture and carpet and, if I remember
correctly, there used to be a big screen television
on that wall at the back.
The sooner he melts the better - he's a liability!
How about Tobasco (18 euros) just the thing
for those cold, wet January evenings
which always seem to last until April at the earliest.

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