Friday, 8 September 2017

The Black House

If you go down to the woods today then you really are in for a big surprise
because all you'll find is teddy bears and you're in entirely the wrong sampler.
That one's Do Bears and we're here to talk about The Black House!

If you want to see The Black House for real then you need to be out of doors,
and preferably in a field somewhere although if you're pushed the middle of
town will do but you're going to look awfully silly when you start
to follow the instructions ...... and no Alice you won't find it with your GPS.

The Black House is the home of the legendary Pecker Prince (he's not to be confused 
with the Woodpecker King) and before you all snigger I'm not making this up.
Now check your watch as timing is crucial.  When the big hand is on the twelve
and the little hand is on the nine and it's getting quite dark the moment has come
when the veil between the world of the mortals and the principality of the
Pecker Prince can be penetrated.  It's that fleeting moment betwixt day and
night - entre chien et loup!

Now turn round three times in a clockwise direction, stand on one leg,
screw up your eyes till they're almost shut and say the following words:

Jools, I love this new design which measures 111 stitches x 145 stitches
and costs the very modest sum of £6.50.  If I email you at and ask very nicely will you please send me
a pdf copy to download and print myself.

This example was stitched with GAST threads

There - did you see it?  Well it doesn't always work.
Try again tomorrow when the lines may be less busy.