Saturday, 6 December 2014

Door Six

Be very careful today, it's one of those joke doors.

Whatever you do don't hold the hand or you will be
immediately put under a wicked spell and whisked
off to fairy land before you can say holly balls.
I did warn you Deb, do none of you ever listen.
I was tempted to hide him behind all the doors because he's so cute
but that would have ruined the whole advent thing and
besides he's got lots to do at the moment, Santa finds him
Sarabande, available for the Christmas period only at double
the usual price.  No, I'm only joking it's still at the
very reasonable year long price of 18 euros.
Try to let the sheer beauty of the piece carry you away
with a rush of spending to your wallet.
In about five years time it will look very lovely
hung in pride of place in your humble abode.

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