The old Long Dog Samplers web site was entirely the domain of my late husband, David.  It remains frozen in time since his death in September 2012.  They do say that "you can't take it with you when you go" but in this instance the old rascal succeeded as all the access codes, passwords etc were in his head alone.  It's well worth a visit even though it will never again be updated and you can rest assured that all new designs can be found on this blog and the website (old website no longer being updated)

All wholesale enquiries should be directed to Dinky Dyes who are Long Dog's distributors and can be reached via the following link: 

A great number of Long Dog designs are stitched in threads from The Gentle Art's Sampler and Simply Shaker ranges.  The colours really lend themselves to this kind of needlework.  To see their full range and more besides simply click on the link below:

Please take a moment to visit Greyhound Rescue West of England who do such marvellous work for greys and lurchers who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own.  The Long Dog cushion design featured here is available from their site and all proceeds go towards the dudes in their care.

If you'd like to see for yourself all the ingredients required for the recipe on the home page please click now:

but I wouldn't try it out if I were you or you'll come up with this po-faced little poser!


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  1. Hi, do you not have a European distributor? As, I'm based in the UK, I'd rather not have to buy European designs from the US (that's a lot of airmiles...)