Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Door Sixteen

You will never guess in a million years
what lies behind this foreign facade.
Unless, of course, you've been cheating and have hacked into my
trusty laptop whilst I was engaged elsewhere.
Sounds like a euphamism (and probably an incorrectly
spelled one at that) to me.
Double trouble. 
A pair of darling greys waiting patiently
for a quick peck. 
I'll be with you in a minute but no tongues please,
you never know who may be looking.
Paradigm isn't really Lost at all.  That's just an ugly
rumour put about by my competitors.
Dig deep in your pockets, look down the sofa,
break open those piggy banks and buy yourself a
copy at the very reasonable price of 19 euros.
It's a classic and deserves a place in everyone's stash.

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