Friday, 19 December 2014

Door Nineteen

P-pick a p-penguin.
He's the guy living at Number 4 with the blue door.
And, in his spare time he's also an agent for Jimmy Choo shoes.
Shoe of choice of the members of Peckham Trannies Anonymous
when they feel like doing some serious partying.
I'm just going to sit down quietly now and try to figure
out why the words "trannies" and "anonymous"
don't seem to sit well in the same sentence unless they
strut their stuff behind closed doors while Mr Penguin keeps
watch for the paparazzi looking for a good story down Peckham Rye.
It's lucky dip time, just send an email and order the first thing
that comes to mind.
Pawn 'n Claws (8 euros) that will do nicely and remember:
"None but cats and dogs may quarrel in my house."

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