Saturday, 24 June 2017


Life After "Death" is the latest challenge to come hot off the
Long Dog presses for your delight and delectation.
Those of you who have survived Death by Cross Stitch
and still live to tell the tale will probably be quivering with anticipation 
at the thought of stitching this proud new beauty.  Hence the title.

Life After "Death"
372 x 325 stitches
Price:  £17.10
Stitched here in GAST Raven single strand on 18# Aida

The sharp-eyed amongst you will probably have already spotted
that there's a little mini Norfolk-style sampler incorporated in the
design which it's perfectly feasible to stitch up on it's own
if you're not in this for the long haul.

How many sailors can you hide inside a whale?
And look at those bubbles, I think one of them
is still alive!

Why is that squirrel trying to steal the crown?

Is it true that there's always a running dog in every 
Long Dog sampler?

Who sighs for beauty?  I'll go for health every time
with providence and virtue as "nice to have's"
if there's some going begging.

The devil is in the detail.

So, if I've whetted your appetite, put temptation in your way
once again and you simply can't go on any longer without
your very own copy of this magnificent chart simply
send an email to and I'll see what
I can do.  

Alternatively, go online or pop into your LNS if you're
still a sweet, old-fashioned girl (or should I say "person"
just to be strictly PC) if you prefer something more
tangible in the form of a paper chart.  Entirely up to you.

Now scroll back to the top and take another look.
You want it - don't you?

Apologies some of the backstitching isn't showing up quite as
clearly as I would have liked - so squint a bit, that should help.