Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Door 24 - Christmas Eve

I don't know why he's hanging about blocking up the doorway,
doesn't he know that tonight's his big night.
One long piss-up clambering over roofs
swigging down tots of booze and chomping on mince
pies bringing joy and delight to one and all.
Let's hope he doesn't cause the same problem on Mrs Jenkins roof
as he did last year.  The insurance still haven't paid up
as Santa damage is not considered to be an act of god.
That's better.  He seems to be getting his act together now.
That reminds me - did I order any sprouts?
Bit too late to worry now I suppose.
Even I don't work on 25th December (unless you
put in a really gigantic order in which case I might be tempted).
Stag Party (19 euros).  This one must have been made for the
occasion as they look a bit like reindeer if you glance quickly.
Go on - treat yourself after all the hard work you've been
doing.  You'd make an old lady very happy and you
might even be a little bit pleased yourself.

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