Friday, 25 January 2019


The collective noun for swans is "game",
a term whose usage dates back to at least 1554
when William Romsey of Bieton left his game to:

"my wyffe Elizabeth during her lyffe and at her decease
at the marking time next after to remain Anne Bartilmew
and Kunegunde Dix and the heirs of their bodies
lawfully begotten."

A very valuable asset it would seem.

Swans were, and still are, the property of the monarch and
cannot be privately owned without Royal assent.

However Long Dog Samplers is completely without
scrupules and is more than happy to sell you a pdf copy 
of their "game" the very second you visit the website and
click "add to basket".

Go on, give it a try and see if it works - the ravens are waiting.

187 x 251 stitches
Price:  £14.40