Sunday, 1 December 2013

Presenting the Long Dog Advent Calendar - Day 1

This may work and then again it may not.
I fancied doing some sort of count down to Christmas in an attempt at self motivation,
which I'm reliably informed is not some sort of deviant practice, so I've decided on
the tried and tested, a good old advent calendar.   How terribly innovative I hear you cry.
What will she think of next?
A daily door, a daily picture of whatever takes my fancy
and a daily seasonal treat which can't possibly cram on the pounds
because you can only look - there's absolutely no danger of having to swallow!
Not a word Camilla, not even a snigger, you never know who is out there waiting
to tell Santa what a naughty girl you are.
You may need to put on your shades as you approach Door No 1
as it's a bit bright but all I could russell up at short notice.  There's even a
chair for the more infirm amongst you to get their breath back.
How appropriate - it's the Easter Bunny come to join in the celebrations.
I've a feeling you may see more of him in 2014.  It's at this point
that little Louise starts to hyperventilate in anticipation.  Give her
a paper bag to breathe into someone please.  And today's treat is:
A little dish of luxury chockies to get us all in the mood.
Try not to dribble Alice dear it's not very pleasant in front of the guests.
See you tomorrow!

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