Saturday, 21 December 2013

Advent - Door Vingt-et-Un

Place your bets ladies, gentlemen and transvestite carol singers
because it's time for some pussy.
Well what did you think I meant?  Yes, it's our Door Twenty One
home of Puss In Boots himself although in this photo he's just
popped out without them.  Never work with animals.
I think poor Puss could be in for a shock, don't you!
Nothing to eat today I'm afraid as by the time I finished decorating the
tree I was far too bushed to whip up anything in the kitchen
for your delight.
Six swans a swimming, and one in front of the tree looking
slightly bemused because his GPS decided to send him
on the pretty route.


  1. Love the snowflakes, more clever than the Google Crossword.

    Celebrating the solstice with fire--kuchen bakin' day here.

    1. Hope the kuchen didn't got all widdershins on youl and that "the long night" passed well.

  2. I do love a smiling dog picture! That's a great one. :)

    1. That's because my Geordie is a great dog in every sense.