Sunday, 8 December 2013

Advent - Day Eight

Well I hope you've all had a good night's sleep and are in a
slightly less frivolous mood today.  This Adventing can be serious stuff
and so easily ruined by the rowdy element amongst us.

Door 8 and a little bit of European sunshine to bring good cheer
to this festive season.  Toc, toc (that's French for knock, knock).
Bet no one guessed it would be a Quaker style cornucopia today!
It came as quite a surprise to me too as I thought I had
selected something completely different.  Hey, ho.
Quick drum roll and on to the dish of the day ....
Well it just wouldn't be Long Dog without a little trick
or two up the sleeve every now and then.  I wonder if Santa
has anything tucked away for my Christmas stocking?
 I've come over quite hot at the thought.
Erica - don't touch, I've warned you before about that!
Cold hands are only useful when making pastry.