Monday, 2 December 2013

Advent - Day Two

So, you're back for more - splendid!
Who's turn is it to knock? 
Let's send one of the children, they had plenty of practice at Halloween and
at least it's not dark.
What fun, it's a suicidal diving duck - just what we need to make the
party go with a bang, or perhaps I should have said "splash".
Now for the nosh ....
Mince pies.  We started off with half a dozen of these this morning.
Come on, own up, who's pinched one?  Bet it was Kevin doing a
bit of gentlemanly sampling of his own!
Can you feel the excitement yet?  Well you will by the time we
reach Day 24 or else!


  1. Love mince tarts. So hard to find around here!

  2. Lol! How'd you know it was me? Did the crumbs on my face give me away? ;-)