Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Advent - Day Four

Deck your balls with bits of holly, but do watch out it's very prickly
 and can lead to an unsightly rash.
I take you to all the best places but unfortunately this isn't one of them.
It looks more like a dodgey lock-up in Peckham belonging to
Delboy Trotter Esq.  I'll go in alone 'cos I speak the lingo.
"Open up you gits, I've got a shooter".  That's done the trick!
And after all that it was only a little ant inside so no need for the
change of underwear after all.  Now onto more serious matters -
to-day's culinary treat ....
..... some little Danish cookie hearts to hang on your tree (that is if
you don't scoff the lot before you get around to decorating).
And no Alice dear, it's not also an anagram competition - I've already tried but if
you are unfortunate enough to come from Newark in the UK
there's one in there for you!  How rude was that?
Same time tomorrow, don't be late.

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