Monday, 23 December 2013

Advent - Door Twenty Three B

Dashing through the snow - these outside toilets
can be so inconvenient when the weather is bad.  Moving right along,
which I was  .....
Here is today's Door Twenty Three B.  I know it looks like a slightly
eccentric outside privvy but I'm beginning to get bored with
this search for ever more exciting/funny doors so it's this or nothing.

Here's a fuzzy photo of my grand daughter Jaz just hanging around waiting to
get stuck into her pressies.  Just like her mother - she could never
wait five minutes either to see what Santa had left her.
The countdown has started in earnest now so if you want to be in
with a chance of feeding the five thousand without giving them food
poisoning at the same time you'd better all shove off and start doing
cheffy things in your kitchen.  Self-basting turkeys are two a penny
but no one has yet invented a self-stuffing one.  Have fun.

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