Friday, 6 December 2013

Advent - Day Six

Has anyone fallen by the wayside yet or is still
unable to stand after yesterday's culinary treat?
No - then if the roll call's all complete let's press on to Door Six.
Obviously the home of a non-conformist rebel, no ordinary wrought
iron number for them when a full-blown word will do.
I wonder if they would have done the same if they lived at #169?
We may never know and who really cares any way.
Try to picture this not only in focus but after it has been ironed and then
you will really be able to appreciate it's beauty.  If not let's
move on swiftly to the pudding, and a particular favourite of mine.
Sherry and strawberry trifle.
Further description would be superfluous so out with those virtual
spoons and virtually dig in.  A demain.

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