Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Advent - Day Eleven

This is a bit like a scene from Midsummer Murders when Chief
Inspector Barnaby and his sidekick turn up on the scene
only to find the stable door into the kitchen slightly ajar ....
Follow me you load of chickens, I'm sure the whole place would be
festooned in crime scene tape and swarming with guys from forensics
if there were a real problem.  OK Ginger, in you go!

There - it was only an old rug that the lady of the house had been saving
for me because she thought it might inspire me to
make it into a nice cross stitch design one day.
She's such a lazy mare and has gone and bought one of those ready-made
cakes from the local supermarket.  Tut, tut. 
Nobody touch the penguins, they're mine!

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