Friday, 13 December 2013

Advent - Day Friday the Thirteenth!

How are you doing out there - still managing to keep up with
your daily dose of old toffee?
It's been rumoured that Zitella lives behind this colourful and
rather witchey poo door.  So appropriate for the number thirteen.
Make some noise, we don't want to startle her as she may be armed
and dangerous if called on unawares.  Cooeeee ....
Well the colourful theme certainly continues into the house.
I just knew somehow that she wouldn't let us down.
Oh gracious me, it's a Yule log.  If I'm honest I haven't been
able to eat this stuff since Granny H. declared rather loudly one year
to all and sundry gathered around the festive table that it reminded her
of a dog's turd.  I think I can see where she was coming from.
It's like something out of a bush tukker trial! 
All together now - "We're cross stitchers, get us out of here!"


  1. “I resist the devil, and often it is with a fart that I chase him away.”
    --Martin Luther

    What are those orange things on yesterday' canapes?

  2. Those "orange things" are succulent little twirls of smoked salmon garnished with dill on a bed of cucumber aoli.