Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Advent - Door Eighteen

And the winner of today's caption competition is ......
Steve from Essex with his entry "Nice knockers".
Thank you Steve but what on earth was a big butch bloke like you doing
on a cross stitch blog.  Is there something he's not telling us do you suppose?
This one's for you Stevie, the shape of things to come maybe, it's the
"when" that has yet to be decided.  I'll tease anyone given half a chance!
And if you're looking for something to pull there's plenty here to keep
your little hands occupied for a while.  But please, keep those awful
motto's to yourself - they make my toes curl and really should be
consigned to my Board 101 on Pinterest.  If you want to know what
really gets my goat why don't you give it a look sometime, simply
hit that big P up there on the right of this page and P-off!

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