Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Advent - Day Three

I saw three ships come sailing in, but unfortunately I didn't have my
camera with me so you'll just have to use your imagination.
Well I sure as hell am not going to open this one.  It's like something out of one of
those creepy old films when the doors open and someone gets
pushed down the lift shaft.  Let's send Jacqueline, she's brave.
You can come out now, it was only an old cross stitch lion trying to be scarey
with his tongue stuck out.  You'll be seeing him again one day too, don't
know where don't know when but you can rely upon it being sunny like in the song.
Now Dolores, this is what we eat in England -
Christmas Pudding, yum, yum.  They've recently passed new health and safety
regulations that you have to have a firefighter present at all times when
attempting this.  Still one good thing, at least the odd stray facial hair
wont be growing back until at least well into the new year.
Stay tuned - more action tomorrow. 
That's a promise which could all too easily turn into a threat.

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