Thursday, 28 November 2013

Click on Christmas

Well, that's "virtually" all my shopping done for another year.
On line is the perfect way to go for this lazy old armchair shopper.
For Geordie I've bought "The Stag at e-Bay" by e-Landseer to hang
beside his bed.  That's one of his ancestors bottom right you know.
On Etsy I tapped in "pink + princess" and came up with this stunning little
outfit for Miss Mouche.  I got the last one in her size - ooof!
However, when I Googled "Xmas balls" the round, spherical objects that
appeared on my screen were certainly not what I had in mind for my tree
- with, or without, tinsel!
The big man's getting extremely excited this year and has been on Santa
watch for several days now.  I confess to being a little anxious about
this because should "deerhound" meet "reindeer" it could be venison,
not turkey, on the lunchtime menu.
Must dash now as I'm just about to shimmey up the old apple tree to cut
some mistletoe for the Chateau, but don't forget that the Long Dog shop
will be open until midnight on Christmas Eve for all your last minute purchases.
No stash is ever too big!
"In the meadow you can see a snowman ......."
- at least I hope that's what it is.
Geordie hurry up with that ladder please I haven't got all day!

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