Saturday, 1 March 2014

The City of Bath

Bath is a city situated in the ceremonial county of Somerset,
south-west England about 100 miles from London.

The City is famous for it's Roman Baths and thermal waters
which do admittedly pong a bit but are said to do you
a power of good.  They're also "green" (see above).

Georgian architecture abounds in this neck of the woods.
The Royal Crescent, a semicircular terrace of majestic
town houses overlooking Royal Victoria Park, being
perhaps the most famous and outstanding example.
The Abbey built between 1499 and 1616 is a tourist must see,
particularly the stone angels of the west facade.
Perhaps a sequel to Angel Pavement beckons.
What shall we call it?  Angels Climbing the Walls?
Maybe not.  I wonder what drove them to it.
If you're a literary buff not averse to a bit of Persuasion or
Northanger Abbey, both of which were set in this region,
then the Jane Austen Centre is the place for you.
As for me - the Stroke Clinic at the Royal United
Hospital was as far as I got yesterday but it wasn't
as bad as it sounds - only a tiddy one.
The tourist bit will just have to wait a while.


  1. Ohhhhh. Bless you. Prayers.

    DH had one.....not fun. Have courage!!!!!!

  2. In ....your....own.....time....whenever. Discover a new world from a horizontal position for a while, says Camilla.

  3. Good grief! When you go on holiday you do it up right, don't you! Take good care of yourself, yes the tourist stuff can wait.

  4. 'Tis an arduous task
    To simply bask
    When one longs to dance
    In the middle of France.

    Greetings from Zitella in the frozen hinterland to Julia in Albion.

    1. It's not easy to sew
      When life lay's one low
      But can still wiggle a toe
      - admittedy slow!

  5. Laid low
    Laid up
    Hoping soon you just get laid

  6. Oh my goodness Julia! Annus horribilis or what!