Thursday, 6 March 2014

A surfeit of custard!

Yesterday the weasel bold,
Cunning and debonair.
Today the sloth (3-toed of course)
Lounging in a chair!
Sloth is not a deadly sin in my book!
I've overdone it just a tad.
My weasel has consequently gone "pop".
May hap I lingered too long salivating at the pudding counter
or could it have been that last, heady spoonful of
Devon custard which formed a deep yellow moat
around my rhubarb crumble?
Who knows - so I'm taking it easy today -
a little light weight training lifting a slice of almond-topped
cake to my lips or a few occasional sit-ups when reaching
for my cup of tea all nicely rounded off with
some finger stretches while absent mindedly
stroking the cat.

Careful Rodney, we don't want to over do it!

He's become not only my partner in crime but is also my
newly appointed laziness coach.  Today our goal is to
achieve absolutely nothing and, so far,
we're bang on target.

I did warn you Rodders!  Pace yourself.

I have a plethora of time on my hands of late to dedicate to thought
and quiet reflection and as a byproduct of all this cerebral
stuff I have a question for you.

I was offered a part in St Trinians when I was young, but that's another story for another day.

Did anyone else shout "fainites" (pronounced "fey nights")
and cross their fingers when begging for truce during
a playground skirmish?  Or was it only used in the London area?
I'm told it's been around since the 1890's and was based on an
Olde English phrase "fain I" which means "I decline" and also
from the French "se feindre" to make excuses or back away.

Give me a steer here - Jacqueline? Alice dear?
Camilla almost certainly got her butler to do it for her and
Zitella probably put a hex on anyone coming on a bit too strong
for her liking.

Don't try this without consulting your doctor first, it has nasty side effects.
Food for thought - which reminds me. it's time for a few
more gentle movements with the jolly old cake fork.

And lift, two, three ....  and down, two three ...
and relaxxxxxxxx .......


  1. Not that fond of custard ..... but what is that delicious looking layered strawberry cake? Slothfulness suits you well and you most certainly deserve a break (or two)

  2. "Uncle"

  3. Fainites rings no bells for me - we used to say 'squits'.... but a bit of a softy having a dollop of Devon custard... get yerself built up lass, yer need some proper Yorkshire custard inside yer - we used to use it as pit props in my day and after pit we'd brek a bit off for it made a grand scrub in't tin bath.

  4. Do you think it might be a corruption of Finites - Let's draw an end to this?

    1. OK - will you shout "squits" (which has another meaning entirely in Norfolk I might add) or shall I?