Thursday, 13 March 2014

Prick and Pounce?

Does the title intrigue, what depths are we going to plumb today?
What barrels will we scrape?  What could it all mean?  Is it:
a.  the name of the pub in the village?

b.  a new hunting technique developed by Rodney, the stunt double
cat, for his forthcoming role in the remake of The Great Catsby?
c.  something smutty you'd find on the top shelf at the newsagents
along with all the girly magazines, or
d.  none of the above?
Alice where did you learn such things?  Well it's not that either dear
but certainly a novel idea which I might look into later.

Is this a "crewel" sport?
 In crewel embroidery, much in vogue during the 17th century, it was the
method of choice for transferring a design from paper onto material.
The outline of the shape was pricked all round with the needle and
then fine chalk or pounce was rubbed through the holes thus
replicating the design on the cloth.  Easy peasey!
It's about time we devoted some of our efforts to talk of needlework
on this blog so let's see how good your knowledge is of
embroidery stitches.  Each numbered image represents a stitch
and answers are given at the bottom of the page.  No cheating!

Sttch One
Stitch Two
Stitch Three
Stitch Four -tricky one this

Stitch 5 -don't touch Camilla!
Stitch Six - oh la la! (little clue there)

Only six questions as I don't want to overtax your brains on this occasion.
So off you go, the time starts now ........
Prick or pounced upon?
Can you see the automatic pounce machine
still running top right of this image?

1.  Algerian Eye
2.  Starts off "Couch" and may end up being "Laid"
3.  Whipped Running
4.  Seed
5.  Back - not Backstroke, that's swimming.
6.  French Knot


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  1. I only got two right. Once I'd seen photo 5, the brain went to mush.