Monday, 17 March 2014

Good in parts

This weekend just gone has certainly been that alright -
a real mixed bag and no mistake.
Can you spot Rodney/
On a positive note, healthwise I've probably had the best couple of days
for many a long week.  I've eaten well, slept better
and am beginning to feel the benefits of both at long last.
Weatherwise it's been glorious, sunshine in abundance and all
the little chick-a-birdies are tweeting about in fine form
including the old cock pheasant who seems to have taken up
permanent residence under my bedroom window.  Noisy blighter.
And then I received the first piece of news.  The Lone Ranger - little Jessie -
the last of the six cats belonging to my dear friends
Jim and Linda had just taken her final trip to the vets.
It had been on the cards for a while but still very sad when the
moment actually arrived.  That's the only thing about animals, isn't it?
That's her bottom right - the end of an era!
The second piece of news was a real bombshell
I don't feel that this is the place to go into details as I'm really only
a very shocked onlooker on to another family's very personal tragedy.
 No parent ever expects to outlive their own child and when it
happens where do you finds the words to express what you want to say?
Ian, Debbie and family my thoughts are with you and
may you find the courage to cope with what will be a very
testing time ahead.

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  1. Oh's so sad when an animal passes, but when it's a child, well how can one even begin to cope? Best wishes to your friends.