Sunday, 16 March 2014


This morning after I had fired up my trusty twim-cam,
six cylinder, diesel-powered lap top
there in my email box was a "Maryland cookie"
"Hello" said the little cookie.
I don't usually receive biscuits in this fashion but
what the hell, it's Sunday and anything goes.
Turned out it was a girl cookie called Cindy.
Apparently boy cookies have bigger chunks.
Little Cindy is a keen cross stitcher and has sent me a
photo of the sampler wall in her office.
Maryland style Mouline Rouge
Just focus on the big one in the middle as it's the
only Long Dog on the block while at the same time crying
out a lusty three cheers for Bert, the kindly building maintenance
engineer and his trusty hammer, who was responsible
not only for the hanging but also the all important grouping
of this wall of delights.
Wonder if she ever gets any work done?
And please keep those photo's coming, I do so love to see what
you've been up to in a stitchey, arty crafty sort of a way.
The other pleasures of your private life are best played close to
your chest - so no more shots Camilla of you and Charlie
otherwise engaged, I am, after all, still in deep convalescence 
and not seeking stimulation such as your happy snaps
seek to provide!  Later maybe ......

PS  Here's something for you to ponder on
- anyone know who designed the small piece to the left of MR
with the wording "Welcome Friends"?
Give it a thought, one of you probably knows the answer.
It would help put someone out of my misery if you know what I mean.

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