Sunday, 16 March 2014

Postcard from New York ...

..... which is not strictly speaking true but it made a better title
than "another photograph received by email today which
came from the Big Apple."

If you stare at the word "York" long enough it begins
to seem very strange indeed.
 Now let me see, what can I say about Margaret
that will send her blushing to the very roots of her hair
or giggling with girlish glee as I reveal little
tantalising snippets about her university days
when everyone agreed that she was the one who
put the "Tiger" into Princetown!  Atta girl.

She was wild and game for anything back in those days.
 The motto of her old alma mater was:
"Under the protection of God she flourishes"
but these days times have changed and it's more a case of:
"Following a chart from Long Dog she stitches."

Lost no more - it finally turned up in a bathroom in Alphabet City, NY..
Anyway she stitched Paradigm Lost a while back now but it still
looks as fresh as the day it returned from the framers
and a very fine job they both made of it - bravo all round.
Keep away from quilts Maggie you know it makes sense!
Keep 'em coming.

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