Monday, 10 March 2014

Bears 'n cherries

Little Naomi from down under has just started Do Bears. 
She's taking part in the SAL organised by Louise over on Facebook.

They seem to be quite a harmless bunch and I'm sure they'd
let you join in too if you asked nicely.  Although recently
it's become a closed group to keep out the riff raff
so you'll probably need to knock quite hard to get them to open
the door and tear them away from their gossip.
She's just finished Les Cerises as well - those Australian
framers must be raking it in at the moment.  I can
picture her now, sitting in the shade of a koala tree
wearing her hat with all the corks stitching away
pausing only to take lady like sips from her tinnie
of cold Fosters.
 And, if I'm not mistaken, here's her granny, Arlene, joining in
the fun.  Those Sheila's certainly know how to party.
Now don't forget, I show you mine (just like back at school behind the
bike sheds - ah! happy days) so keep those photo's of work in
progress and finished projects coming, that's what show and
tell is all about.  Not you Camilla - I'm still recovering
from the last batch you sent in.
I couldn't even work out which way up the people were at first!

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