Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Baa, baa, bald sheep .....

Here at my temporary headquarters on Long Dog Farm
life has a rhythm all of it's own.
Until yesterday the big barn opposite was filled with
sheep on one side and cattle the other.
They had all been brought indoors during the recent
spell of stormy weather which left the fields,
if not actually flooded,
then very waterlogged indeed.
An artist's impression

 This last couple of days there has been a flurry of activity
on the ovine side of the barn which the cat and I have been
monitoring from a safe distance - the top of the stairs.
We call it "the belvedere" because from here we have a good view
of not only the surrounding countryside but also the farm yard
and the big black barn in particular.
Cat played by his stunt double Rodney

 It was the noise which first alerted us that something was going on
- a loud and insistent buzzing interspersed with short
periods of straw rustling, then silence before it began again.
Rather akin to the sound of hornets in the Chateau
chimney as I recall.
I sent the cat out on a rekkie and when he reported back some time
and several mice later he told me the sheep were all having
their rear ends trimmed prior to lambing.
I've heard it all now - sheep with Brazillian's.
Whatever next?
Needless to say the cat and I will be giving the barn a wide
berth for a while in case a similar fate should befall us
at the hands of the demon shearer!
Rare breed - a Wiltshire Long Sheep lamb!
Let's hope none of the lambs look like this or I might
have some explaining to do at Customs when
I finally return to the Chateau!