Friday, 1 August 2014

Bright blessings

It fell about the Lammas tide
When the muir-men win their hay ......

You guessed, Lammas Day has come round again,
when the doughty Earl of Douglas rode out to catch
his prey - and his death as it so happened, but that's another story!
Come on now, don't be shy,
it's just another good reason to get your kit off,
dance around in the rudie nudie and generally have
a bit of fun.
What more excuse does a girl (or boy) need?
It's Loaf Mass, the Feast of First Fruits,
Lughnasadh - call it what you will.
The wheat harvest traditionally starts today
although the fields round about where I live don't
look quite ready yet I must say.

But don't let that stop us enjoying ourselves.
This year I think I shall make my very own crop circle
for a change, my bread always turns out a bit soggy,
but I'd better be quick or the harvesters will beat me to it!

Merry meet and merry part,
And merry meet again - day after tomorrow
if I can think of something to write about!

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