Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Stroll on, now there's a turn up for the books!

It was beginning to get on my thrupenny bits and so
all on my Jack Jones, and with my mince pies peeled,
I climbed the apples and pears at my son's drum and
nearly let rip a raspberry tart into the bargain
as I bent into one of my packing crates for a quick

And would you Adam and Eve it - there they were,
my old china plates, the Pearlies. 
Some light fingered tea leaf hadn't gorn off with them after all!

I told you they was a bit twee.

So when you've all stopped larfin and finished yer pie
mash and likker we'll have a bit
of community singing for a change.
All together now .....

Uncle Tom was always one for the ladies until he was Uncle Dick!

Any time you’re Lambeth way Any evening, any day,
You’ll find us all Doin’ the Lambeth walk.
Ev’ry little Lambeth gal With her little Lambeth pal,
You’ll find ‘em all Doin’ the Lambeth walk.

Ev’rything free and easy, Do as you darn well pleasey,
Why don’t you make your way there? Go there, stay there,
Once you get down Lambeth way Ev’ry evening, ev’ry day,
You’ll find yourself Doin’ the Lambeth walk.   Oi.

Come on Camilla, I could murder a Ruby.

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