Tuesday, 5 August 2014

That feeling of being watched!

Do you get it too?
Every time I turn on my computer for a spot of serious Googling
(which, incidentally, can cause blindness in those who
over-indulge) there they are!
What?  I hear you cry in a puzzled tone.
Why invasions of my privacy, that's what!

See what I mean?

The other day was a prime example.  I had just gone on line
to check that my pension had been paid into my account
and the first thing to greet me was a giant cartoon
birthday cake in the shape of a G for Google,
ablaze with candles and surrounded by sickly looking
over-iced cup cakes also complete with pyrotechnics.
Yeuk - and as I hovered my cursor over the whole
ghastly sight up popped a message saying
"Happy birthday Julia".  Creepy or what?
Cyber stalking, and who do you report it to when the
service providers are the biggest offenders!

My wristwatch finally died on me a couple of months back
and to this day each time I venture onto Facebook
there are unsolicited little ads for ladies timepieces
jotted down the margin - give me a codpiece any day!

Quick someone, they're starting to breed!

A search for "trugs" caused me even more annoyance as the
article in question was intended as a present so imagine
how irritating it was to have them pop up on my screen just
as I was trying to show the intended recipient something
totally unrelated on my laptop.

In case "they" are reading I should just like to say
an extremely heartfelt and very loud "BUGGER OFF".
Leave me alone, stop reading my emails,
mind your own business, the more you harass the
more determined I become not to buy the products
you are pushing even if I need them.

Well I wasn't expecting that.

Later today I shall be researching "whips" and "handcuffs"
for no better reason than to be perverse.
Then I shall just sit back and wait and see what "comes up"
if you get my drift!

Rage against intrusion, in my book (if you'll forgive the pun)
these are the only form of pop up that I'm prepared to accept.


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