Friday, 22 August 2014

This 'n that ....

I awoke this morning freezing cold and stiff all over
- autumn has arrived!

There's something about a kilt don't you think?
Of course it could have had something to do with the fact
that I had managed to kick off all my covers whilst dreaming
of a close encounter with Liam Neeson in his role as Rob Roy McGregor
complete with sporran and huge claymore, 
and that yesterday I had been rather more active than of late,
which would account for both the coldness and the creaky joints.
The big smile was for other reasons pictured above.
A beastie free corner of the kitchen
I also awoke to an email telling of the passing of an old
friend and just when it was his turn to get them in too!
Happy landings Mike, at least it won't hurt any more.
But what chilled me most was my kinswoman's parting shot
up the stairs as she left in her usual haste for work ....
"There's something under the ramekin in the kitchen, mum.
Can you deal with it please?" and this from a sheila
who's grown up with giant redbacks in her dunnie.
Fortified with a steaming mug of Earl Grey and armed only
with a pair of oven gloves and a tea towel I plucked
up all my courage and with a cry of
"I'm going in!"
I advanced upon the afore mentioned ramekin
and lifted it swiftly aloft.
I don't know who was the more surprised - the beastie or
me - but with one swift swipe with the tea cloth
I had him bound, gagged and expelled from the house
in no time, although the bifold doors proved a little
more tricky to open one handed than I had anticipated.
"Wow, that was a big one" as I had said to dear
Liam only a short while earlier.

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