Monday, 11 August 2014

The old Ohio trail .....

..... is the route we'll be taking today as we're off to visit
a very good girl indeed.  And what's so good about her?
She sent me a photo of her finished work, that's what
and now has become my best friend ever,
well at least until someone else shows up with a photo.
Mound City, a stop along the route.  I wonder where the ladies is?
The trail goes through some beautiful countryside although
what went wrong at Newark I'm don't quite know.  But what I do know
is there's an anagram in there somewhere although it may be rude.
My temporary bestie Jana has chosen to hang her Mouline Rouge
(worked in Needlepoint silk no. 504 on 40# cream New Castle linen)
right near the TV thereby creating the first ever cross stitch
screen saver which means she's got something good to look
at while the ads are on or when some politician's spouting
on about the state of the nation.
Jana also let slip under interrogation that there's a version
out there somewhere which goes by the name of Mouline Bleu.
The hunt is on - no reward is offered for information
leading to it's whereabouts.


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