Tuesday, 12 August 2014

And there it was - gone!

The other day I set out in search of The Work Box
which was a great little needlework and craft shop
situated on Timber Hill in Norwich and to my great dismay
it appears to have ceased trading.
Gone, but not forgotten especially by me.

The premises remain the same, but empty except for a few
old cardboard boxes and the usual pile of junk mail
and flyers.  I had a particularly soft spot for this shop
as Helen Orrick and her mother were the first people
to show faith in my work and stock Long Dog Designs
as they were called back in the day.
All Things before it's sibling All Things II existed or was even a twinkle in my eye.

They took my entire range which consisted of
five designs, very crudely packaged and,
if I'm honest, not very well produced either.
Well we all have to start somewhere.
See the date?  Not only last century, but last milennia!  God I feel old.

The range consisted of  the ever popular All Things Bright & Beautiful,
and Birds of a Feather (the original currently hangs in the loo
back at the chateau).  I mustn't forget it when I finally move out.
It's still on my "to do" list.

Then there was Time & Tide, the only Long Dog I've never to this
day got around to stitching, and The Wish which started off
as a black on white mono.  It looked so bloody funereal, even
by my standards, so I redesigned it in Gentle Art colours
which cheered the poor thing up no end.
That's a bit better.
Which brings us to Number Five - The Pearlies.
It was a rather twee little row of men and women all dressed
as pearlie kings and queens and covered in tiny pearl beads.
My Cockney roots were definately showing the day I dreamed
that one up and I have to admit it was not my finest hour.

You get the gist.
 I have a picture somewhere, as I know full well you all like
a good laugh, but you'll just have to wait a bit as I'm
currently living out of suitcases and boxes and a
preliminary search has failed to find the CD I saved it on.
Patience ladies, gentlemen and members of the
Scottish National Party, all will one day be revealed.
In the meantime RIP The Work Box
and bonne chance Helen Orrick and Mummy Orrick
wherever you are.  I miss you.

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