Monday, 18 August 2014

Are you ready for Sally Hewett?

If you're into something a bit sassy then Sally's your girl.
She's the woman who put the "tit" in stitcher ......
She's an embroidress who's work is full of joie de vie,
her "cock-a-hoop" is definately X rated
but if you fancy a peek here's the link to her site:
Some of the pieces are a bit rude but you have
been warned!
This cheeky little number goes by the name of Robert Walpole
of all people.  Imagine having him hanging around in your boudoir.
And this rather charming little item is entitled
Charlottes Merkin.
Now this is where my ignorance started to show as I didn't
know what a "merkin" was until I Googled it.
So I can now, with still slightly pink cheeks (Freudian
choice of word), reliably inform you all
that it's a pubic wig of all things.
Definately something to tickle you fancy on a long
winter's evening in front of the fire.
Rising Moons
Remember now, whatever you chose to do with
your embroidery hoops in the privacy of your own homes
is entirely up to you but I think you'll find that
the girl Sally has already got most angles well and truly covered.
Bottoms up!

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