Thursday, 7 August 2014

Have a deco .......

I took myself off into Norwich yesterday for
a little walk around before I finally lose the use of my
legs through inactivity and downright SLOTH.

How cool is he?
  What a lovelly word it is, what pictures it conjures
in my head and what truly glorious creatures sloths are.
I think I shall come back as one in my next
incarnation and see how it feels to hang motionless,
suspended in a tree for hours on end.
Much like my life now probably but with a better view.
I digress.  Normally I wander about looking straight ahead
in case I should bump into anyone and occasionally
looking down in the vain hope that someone might have
dropped something interesting that might carry a huge
reward for it's safe return.
 Yesterday I cast my eyes aloft from when cometh my
salvation (alledgedly) and there I saw a wonderful
example of art deco that soars above the entrance
to the old Edwardian arcade in the city centre.
How glorious is that!
However my thoughts soon came down to earth,
thank goodness, and I neatly managed to side step
a large dog's turd lurking on the pavement
just waiting for an unsuspecting victim to step on it.
He'll look after anybody - even baby owls!
 My guardian greyhound must have been
watching out for me!  Thank you boy.

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