Thursday, 28 August 2014

Don't get me started ......

..... or perhaps it's too late to stop me.
This was not quite the image I was looking for but it will do.
I'm on a rant about my pet hates and high on the list
is white stiletto heeled shoes with black tights.
Don't ask my why it just infuriates me.
Also silly mares who don't know where to draw the line
- see above.
Loom bands - what's that all about?  I'm all for people
learning how to make something but these are just naff.
Hopefully it's only a passing fad as a paramedic I was talking
to the other day fervently agrees.  He's getting really
pissed off with being summoned to the aid of people
who have actually managed to ingest them.
Try sucking a Fisherman's Friend instead - much
more satisfying and under current legislation they
still can't touch you for it.
I'm sorry but this really shouldn't be allowed.
It may not actually hurt the poor animal but to me it's abuse of
the worst kind.  They give us their trust and this is what
some people do to them in return.  Bastards.
Navy blue school knickers - guaranteed to give an
impressionable young girl all sorts of hang ups.
Mine were always my sister's hand me down's, often
with the odd hole or two and always several sizes too big.
However the pocket did come in handy when trying
to dispose of something unpalatable in my school dinner,
usually a large lump of black potatoe or a caterpillar in my lettuce.
Red.  I can't cope with it even in small quantities.
Even the tiniest hint of it on my clothing is guaranteed to
put me in a very strange mood indeed and as for the
room above it's somewhere that could well
send me over the edge in a very short time indeed.
That's why Mouline Rouge took me some time to finish
- half a dozen stitches and I had to put it down for a while
to regain my composure.
And finally for today, what's so difficult about flushing the loo?
If the guy in the cubicle can manage it I'm sure
everyone else can!
Do as you would be done by - please.
Floss, brush, flush and wash.

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