Thursday, 14 August 2014

Rain, rain, go away ......

.... come again another day,
Little Julia wants to play .....
The view from my window just now, I thought about
adding some ducks but haven't found out how yet.
...... with her new Samsung Galaxy SIII.
It's a little something I treated myself to on the spur of
the moment just to say "I love me" - which I do.
I'd recently paid a visit to "uncle's" with my old wedding ring
and some other bits and pieces of sundry jewellery
which carried bad vibes and the proceeds covered the cost
even leaving a little bit over for a rainy day.
A little well-placed ad here and there never hurts!
So being in a generous mood, and as it was in fact coming down stair rods, 
I decided to blow the rest on a customised cover for the little dude.
Doesn't he look smart?  White is so his colour.
My son's raised beds and the amorous pumpkin also the subject
of to-day's singalong:  I can snap clearly now that the rain has stopped .....
However, don't go expecting the quality of my photography to
improve overnight because buyings one thing
- taking shit hot photos is quite another matter.

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