Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Art or self abuse?

There used to be an advert for Cadbury's "Roses Chocolates"
when I was a wain which read quite simply -
"roses grow on you"
And they did.  They were a treat and only ever put in an
appearance on high days and holidays in our house.
I was particularly fond of the orange cream.
Unfortunately so was my sister and she outranked me.
Although the strawberry cream did come a passable second.
I'm not quite sure, however, what the manufacturers would have
made of this and to tell the truth I'm not sure what
I make of it either.
I hope it doesn't say anything too rude but I apologise
in advance if your granny found it offensive.
I can remember as a child being fascinated by tattoos as they
were always regarded by my mother as being a bit "seedy"
which for me made them highly desirable acquisitions.
I once had a sailor nearly stripped to the waist on Cromer Pier,
much to the Crimplene Queen (my mother's) horror,
such was my desire to view these curiosities up close and personal.
But that's another story for a chill winter's evening.
Looks suspiciously like Bagatelle to me before the
cross threads have been added in!
Perhaps I've finally been immortalised in the flesh so to speak.
These days I'm not so sure.  They're common place,
two a penny and some of them very tacky indeed.
I dare to be different, don't do samey,
refuse to conform so for me they've lost their
slightly dangerous allure ........
 .... but then perhaps not, it's a girl's prerogative to change her mind
occasionally.  Show us the one on your thigh Becks ....

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