Saturday, 3 January 2015


Every year I make resolutions
and every year, since I was a child,
I fail to live up to them with the
exception of two.
I gave up my forty+ a day cigarette
habit on 1st January 1990 and have never
wavered once.  The only downside to that
being that when anyone says "Fancy some cold turkey"
I always answer "Never again."
And the second I have decided is best kept to myself.
This year I am determined that all will be different.
This year I am setting the bar so low that
even I should find it impossible not to measure up.
So, here goes, in no particular order of either
preference or importance:
I must file paperwork on a more regular basis
and not allow it to simply "pile up" as is
evident in the disgraceful image above.
I must not only get around to finishing off decorating
my bedroom but I must also look into installing a
better security system than the bright yellow
one currently in service.
Dusting needs to feature a little more often on my
"to do" list.  Those unexpected little rays of
sunshine seem to catch me out every time!
Perhaps if I bought a duster that might help.
I must make a serious effort to diversify a little more
and not just sit for hours on end stitching.
2015 is the year to get back to my artwork.
And my final resolution needs no illustration as will
become apparent when I explain a little more.
I must somehow attract more followers to this blog
and have come up with the nifty idea of a series of 
intimate selfies taken at a dodgey location
known only to the CIA, MI5 and Interpol.
  It may not be stitchers that I attract
but a few weirdos will do for me.
Happy new year peeps wherever you are and
whatever you're doing.


  1. Happy New Year to you too! I so enjoy your blog posts and look forward to a lot more in 2015.

  2. I, too, enjoy your blog. Keep up the good words! Happy New Year!

  3. Your blog is wonderful and will be shared with small way to have more people reading is by having one small reader share with more people :D

    1. Sounds like a cunning plan to me Carla. I knew that if I threatened intimate selfies people would go to great lengths to avoid that. Thank you.