Thursday, 8 January 2015


Google has a lot to answer for.
I really need to get a life, but there's so much interesting
and fascinating stuff to look at and read about
that it's lure is, at times, completely irresistable.
Enter a word, follow a link, visit a site and before
you know it you're up to your neck in porn!
Good job it only got as far as my neck.
I must get my filters sorted out
- hey, but what's the rush?
I was always one for a long preamble,
preferably with ice but no lemon.
Still that's another story so let's cut to the chase.

Norwegian rosemaling is definately back in vogue
due for the most part to the enormous success of
Disney's latest offering - Frozen.
This beautiful Norwegian folk art adorns just about
everything in the film from stout, ancient doors
to Elsa the Snow Queen's dress.
Not even Sven the reindeer's harness has been
allowed to escape unembelished.
Rosemaling developed in Norway during the mid
eighteenth century out of the classic European styles
of the day such as Baroque, Regency and Rococo.
It soon became a style of decoration in it's own right
which finally spread across the entire country
with different regions having very distinctive
characteristics of their own.  Examples of some of
the finest work being found in the Telemark
and Hallingdal valleys.
Rosemaling even crossed the Atlantic to America
borne on the trunks and textiles of Norwegian
migrants to the new world.  It eventually went out of
vogue towards the end of the nineteenth century,
as did many other forms of folk art, only to be
"defrosted" by a new generation some one hundred
and fifty years on.

To sum it all up in a few words (yes Camilla, I'm well
aware that I do go on a bit at times), for me it's
"Jacobean meets Barge Art".
There - I've finished!

Cold never bothered me anyway!