Thursday, 15 January 2015

Shawn Lovell - smith

Take a degree in graphic design from Arizona State University
and one in sculpture from the College of Arts & Crafts in Oakland,
California; heat them in a smithy and what rises phoenix-like
from the flames is the raw and rather wonderful talent of Shawn Lovell.
Caution - woman at work!
Shawn established her metalworking studio in 1997 in Alameda, California
and hasn't looked back since, using her centuries old craft to
create beautiful, contemporary pieces which would grace any home.
Stunning, and very naturalistic, garden arch
Her work is a ferrous smorgasbord encompassing everything from
railings to curtain finials, lighting to hat trees with a lot of other
goodies in between for good measure.
Gwyneth Paltrow's bed in her Manhattan apartment
But it's her amazing beds that do it for me every time.
They're really magical and I'm sure that if only I could get under
the covers I would come across a second secret entrance to Narnia
besides the one in the wardrobe that everyone knows about.
Perpetual mistletoe?
You'll light up all year round when you kiss
under this.
Forge ahead my woman, does Wayland know about you?

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